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Alkaline reduced water maker


Livart Lichen Alkaline reduced water maker


Livart Lichen Alkaline reduced water maker


 Sinsan environment


 Alkaline reduced water maker stand (additional : valves, refrigerator dispensor)

Monthly rental fee

 24,900 Wons(3 year contract) After three years, ownership is transferred and the monthly fee is  11,900 for the same service. Additional installation fees of 30 thousand wons.


 Wine black


 Exterior: ABS double painting with acryl materual with refined surface processing(natural)

Filter material

 Sediment filter(1st phase) : removes various impurities.UF membrane(2nd phase) : removes fine  pollutants.Alkaline reduced water filter(3rd phase) : makes the alkaline  water.Post carbon filter(4th phase) : removes chlorides, organic compounds and bad odors.


 stand : 333(W)*380(D)*1170(H) , compact : 333(W)*460(D)*490(H)

After service

 Visit per four months.(filter replacement and inspection) trustworthy and reliable  serviceHot/cold water tank and cork steam cleaning: Once every eight month. Collection of  the water purifier and ion water maker at free of charge, 3 years of free warranty

Consumable parts replacement

 Sediment filter : 4 months UF membrane filter: 16 months Alkaline reduced water filter: 8  months Post carbon filter: 8 months

After Service/ cancel/

 *Lichen service centers, 30 locations, 136 branches nationwide(customer center 261- 5859)*Island areas excluding Cheju, unable to install, reinstallation costs: 30,000 wons  *cancellation within 14 days after installation (can't be refunded) *A copy of ID necessary for  installation.Rental fees withdrawn automatically.


 1.Sophisticated design-Modern sense of art, great design that is in harmony with your  interior
;2.Comprehensive and systematic management - An automated management system  satisfies the customers. 3.Approved medical device - approved by the food and drug  administration 4.Burn injury prevention - Use of safe cork to prevent children from getting  burned 5.Class 1 energy efficiency