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- R/O filters
- Nano filters
- Ultra filters
- Micro filters
Water Purifier Filters

Purifier Filters (GE Osmonics)

RO filters
Reverse Osmosis Filter - This product is developed by imitation of osmosis, which is the key phenomenon existing with organism. The filter has very fine pores with thickness of one millionth of hair, i.e.0.0001 micron, and allows only pure water, dissolved oxygen and extremely small quantities of minerals to pass. The filter is also marked as TFC.

Ultra Filtration Filter)
- Ultra Filtration Membrane is a new material filter developed by advanced medical technology, which features filtering out of up to 0.001μ size so that even coliform, general bacteria and fine grains are cleaned off.
- UF filter is also referred to as Microfilter.

Prefilter (sediment)
- This is also referred to as sediment filter used in preprocess purification stage where original water is contacted with it and residue and pollutant of over 0.5 are removed to ensure that all the parts and membrane filter contacting with water is kept in normal condition.
- When attached to under sink housing, this is also called as under sediment filter.
Pre-carbon Filter
This filter is used to remove organic substance such as trihalomethane, smell and gas by attachment and filter out pesticide and detergent content dissolved in tap water to make pure water.
- When attached to under sink housing, this is also called as blue carbon.
Post Carbon Filter
- In the final stage, this filter is used to prevent from bacterial reproduction, remove awful smell and pigments to make no color, no smell clean water and keep good water taste
- This filter is called as back carbon as attached to undersink housing.