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Explosion proof heater

When you must use an explosion proof heater

  • - Research center that handles toxic chemicals or gases
  • - Nuclear/thermal power plants that use explosive fuels
  • - Petroleum/NG storage facilities or oil refinery
  • - Gas station or gas charger
  • - Hospital or storage that contains oxygen at all times
  • - Chemical factory that manufactures or uses paints or thinners
  • - Compressed fuel storage at a semiconductor factory
  • - Mines or holes where explosive particulates are in the air at all times
  • - Subway station or air vents likely to cause ignition
  • - Army buildings, submarines, ships or airplanes
  • - Ammunition or weapon storage that contains gun powders and weapons
  • - Waste water/sewage water treatment facilities with toxic gases
  • - Paper factory manufacturing paper products
  • - Batter room on a ship (hydrogen generated)
  • - Ferment liquor factory - beer or soju
  • - Painting line at automobile factory

1. Gas type of explosion proof heater

Cata -Dyne™'s gas catalytic explosion-proof heater is available in total of 23 models that can generate the BTU heat of 1,000 to 48,000 BTU/hr (0.3 kW - 14.0 kW). By combining them properly, you can virtually obtain any type of heat(BTU, kW).
CCI Thermal group provide the Cata-Dyne™ heaters that can offer great economical benefits. In addition, it is easy to install, operate and facilitates simple repair and maintenance.
From the standpoints of fuel consumption, the Cata-Dyne™ heater offers better advantages. Cata-Dyne™ 's explosion proof heater called “WX Series can maintain the consistent heat condition, the higher thermal efficiency and the same amount of heat while consuming 33% less fuels.


  • - Oil/gas production and probing facility
  • - Petroleum storage/supply device
  • - Separators &Dehydrators - Meter Runs
  • - CNG/LPG facility
  • - Other dangerous industrial facility with heating

<Operational principle of explosion proof>

The core of the Cata-Dyne™ heater is its catalyst pad with patented technology.
This kind of pad is made of ceramic fibers and includes some special chemicals that promote heat discharging.
This heat discharging effect starts off as the electrical elements are pre heated.

During the pre heating process, the pad reaches the gas ignition point (120ºC or 250ºF).
Then th gas supply to the heater is started. And then the supplied gas is absorbed into the pad and gets mixed with oxygen that is supplied from the opposite side. The mixed gas is combusted but does not generate flames. Meanwhile, it radiates ultrared lights along with the heat. Once the combustion begins, it continues until the gas supply is terminated.

This operational principle is supported by the unique catalystic pad and chemicals for Cata-Dyne™. Especially, by controlling the combustion process, you can maintain a consistent amount of heat and keep the temperature below the ignition points for the dangerous materials used in an area with risks for explosions or fire.

2. Electrical air type of explosion proof heater

Ruffneck™ is the core business of the CCI Thermal group and it is a group of various electrical air heaters.
This brand is well recognized for its excellence in the field of electrical explosion proof heater in the world.
Despite the poor heating environment, it offers stable and excellent performance.


  • - Industrial & Commercial, Military
  • - Oil and Gas, Pulp & Paper
  • - Water Sewage & Treatment
  • - Hydrocarbon Processing
  • - Hazardous Materials, Mining
  • - Power Generation