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Large scale water purifier

  Complex cork type(fountain/cup)
large scale cold water purifier

SSWT - 200UF

Large Scale Cold Water Purifier
Product name Complex cork type(fountain/cup) of large sized cold water purifier
Model name SSWT-200UF
Amount of purified water 1500 Liters/day(100 to 200 persons/hour)
Water purification type and functions Ultrafiltration /instantaneous cooling
Product size (W) 750mmx (D) 600mm x(H) 1320mm
Quantity of drinking corks Four (2 cold water fountains, 2 cold water cups)
Main body’s material Steel plate+ coating
Simultaneous users Two to three
Size of the storage tank Purified water: 20L, Cold water: instantaneous cooling
(250 consecutive cups or more)
Electrical capacity 0.4kW(220V single phase)