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Clean water for the homes Homespring


Can remove bacteria, virus and insects.
Remove impurities and precipitation.
Improves the turbidity.
Better tastes. No odors.

▣ Effects of carbon/UF membrane filter

  • Bacteria removal
  • Virus removal-Insect removal
  • Removal of impurities and precipitation
  • Improved turbidity
  • Better tastes and odor removals

▣ Various functions and advantages of homespring

  • All the water supplied to the home is purified at the center.
  • No toxic chemicals are added.
  • Easy management with the auto self washing function. Very hygienical.
  • No additional space for installing a water purifier at the kitchen.
  • The same water pressure to your home can be used for installation.
  • No electricity need for water purification. Safe for blackout.
  • Replaces the filter once a year. Very economical.

 Great tasts!  Unlimited water supply
 - Guarantees the pure water tastes.
 - Active carbon filter for beter tastes.
 - 24hr a day, anytime anywhere
 - Use purified water in your kitchen,bathroom and
    washing room.

 Clean purified water  Convenience
 - 2 stage water treatment guarantees safety.
 - Removes worries about faucet water and
   ujnderground water.
 - Supplies purified water from every faucet.
 - Replaces the filter once a year. Convenient
 - No germs spreading. Healthy.