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RO system that does not require a water tank.


Company restaurant or shop that uses lots of
drinking water. At your home, you can have a large
amount of water with the quality equivalent to R/O
without a water tank.
Merlin - RO system without a water tank

4 stages to make the best quality water

  • A. The carbon pre-filter removes precipitation and chlorides.
  • B. The two RO layers purify the water.
  • C. The carbon post-filter makes the water taste better.

R/O system that does not need a water tank.

  • At your kitchen or shop with high demands for drinking water,
  • you can have a large amount of water with the quality equivalent
  • to R/O without a water tank.Without any delays, this device can
  • purify a large amount of water in a R/O method
  • (no water tanks needed, germs can't spread).

The GE water purification technology has achieved an innovative water purification system after several years of researches. The new Merlin RO water purification device can purify a large amount of water continuously. Now, a water tank is not needed anymore. In addition, since this device operates with the line pressure, there is no need to install an electric pump. However, the pressure should be 2 to 3 bars.
This creative, highly productive and efficient membrane can purify 2730 liters of water each day.
This incredible ability can give you lots of economical benefits.

<<Comparisons between our company's Merlin RO device and other products>>

Merlin RO device

Other RO device

Daily production

2,725 L/D

38-190 L/D

Water storage tank

Not needed

Must have it.

Installation time

1 hour

4 hours

System efficiency


5% or less

Water collection spots

3 or more


Design for ice makers



The world of possibility!!

All of us wish to have safe and clean water. Now, our Merlin RO water purifier can give you the answer.
Many experts provide effective and economical products for your home and industries. Our Merlin RO water
purifier can be used properly to small businesses such as restaurant, pub, aquarium, and retail shop with
low production cost.